40 Fabulous Christmas Patio Decor Ideas

Fabulous Christmas Patio Decor Ideas 35

The patio area of your home is often a place of great memories. Families often meet, eat, entertain friends and relatives, or just plain relax in this special part of your house. One thing you can do to make it more unique and comfortable is to add patio outdoor lighting. The right lighting can create the right atmosphere and promote the safety of your outdoor environment.

There are many choices to meet your taste, preferences, and budget. Here are some ideas from the patio floor, to the roof. Embedded lighting is one of the newest developments in patio lighting. You can use embedded lights in furniture, planter pots, and other patio fixtures. These are durable and will withstand the outdoor climes.

Paver lights are a great idea that adds to your overall effectiveness and at the same time helps safety issues. Most patios have steps or stairs that can be a real trip and fall magnets. This lighting system can be installed in paver blocks or on the ground around your patio perimeter and can be either solar or low voltage lights. Umbrella lighting gives you focused illumination that is great for dining or evening conversation. Most of these are solar-powered to you don’t have to remove and re-install every time you want to use it.

Lanterns are another option for patio lights. These can be themed to go with your patio, or as simple as hurricane lamps. Festive or Christmas lights hung from your patio roof is another option. These are great for parties or other special occasions. String lights can be various colors, sizes, and either solid or blinking. They look good draped through shrubbery and around palm trees as well. Solar-powered perimeter lamps placed around the edges of your patio or along a walkway is a low-cost way to illuminate potential hazards and add some color at the same time.

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