48 Fabulous Christmas Pine Cone Decorations

Fabulous Christmas Pine Cone Decorations 44

I love going for a hike on a Winter’s day in the mountains surrounded by pine trees and collecting a bag full of pine cones. These are a nice accent of decor for the home and there are so many things you can do with them. It’s a great way to bring a little piece of the outdoors inside.

One of my favorite things to make out of them is ornaments. Every year I pick new cones to add to my Christmas tree. Turning pine cones into Christmas ornaments is quick, fun and easy. To get started you will want to choose your favorite pine cone that you have either found or bought from a craft store.

Next, choose some color paints you want, I always like to choose Christmas colors to give a more festive look. Once you have picked your colors just paint the tips of your pine cones, no need to paint every tip alternating every other one is good for a more settle look. You may need to allow one side to dry before starting on the other side. After your cone is painted the way you want it and has dried you’re ready for the next step.

Put a drop of tacky glue on each spot you want the glitter to be on your pine cone, once you have finished allowing some time to dry. Now, we’re ready to make a hanger so you can hang your ornament from your Christmas tree, just pick out a ribbon you like and cut a length of about three inches. Tie a ribbon around the top of your ornament making a loop. Lastly, for an added touch of elegance take some artificial flowers or berry’s and glue them to the top of your ornament. Now you have a fabulous and unique Christmas pine cone ornament to enjoy for years to come. All of these materials can be found at any craft store or even just lying around your house.

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