Beautiful Hanging Plants Indoor Decoration Ideas

Beautiful Hanging Plants Indoor Decoration Ideas

With winter just around the corner for many people, it is time to seriously start thinking about bringing the outdoor garden into your home. There is a really simple way to achieve this and that is by taking a cutting from your favorite plant and using it for hanging plant starters.

This system is so easy to accomplish, even if you have never gardened successfully, you will not fail! All you need to get started is a pair of snips, a clean glass jar, spring water, and a plant cutting. Using the snips make a cut just below the leaf node on your plant. Place the cutting into the jar and fill with spring water. No-fuss, no mess, and no dirt required.

Now comes the fun part, and this is turning your glass container into a work of art. Wouldn’t you love to use hanging glass rooters, surrounded by beautiful Vermont stained glass? Imagine what a touch of elegance this would add to your cutting? Your friends will envy you and will want to know where you purchased your hanging glass vases from. Once your hanging plant starter is in its decorative vase and hanging there is no feeding required. Simply keep an eye on the water level in the vase and top up once a month as needed. Because you are growing in water, the water will stay clear and be free from diseases and pests.

Best of all, the water will not smell or turn brown. This only happens with fresh flowers, as the stems are slowly dying. With your hanging plant rooter, the cutting is growing daily and this keeps the water fresh and clear. When you hang your plant rooter, you want to position it in a window that receives lots of light. Many people enjoy having theirs in their kitchen or dining room window. They will often grow a hanging herb garden in the kitchen and have Ivy or Impatiens growing in their dining room.

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