20++ Indoor Plant With Red And Green Leaves

Youll also find some red Siam Aurora plants with pinkish-red leaves and speckles of dark olive-green patterns. 27102011 Philodendron mexicanum has glossy long green leaves with a red back and is pretty easy to grow.

Gorgeous Indoor Plants That Love The Dark Pink Leaf Plant House Plants Plants

Rubber Tree stalks are stiff upright and often red.


Indoor plant with red and green leaves. A Chinese Evergreen is an upright plant with large green leathery pointed patterned leaves. 27022021 Peperomias feature dark red to reddish-green stems and narrow green leaves that have a metallic sheen. Garden Plants House Plants Trees To Plant Plant Leaves Ficus Elastica Ficus Tree Rubber Tree Indoor Plant Pots Deciduous Trees.

I had trouble finding a way to get enough light on my plant when I tried growing it indoors. The Aglaonema Siam Aurora is a stunning example of a red aglaonema plant with red and green leaves. The large broadly lanceolate leaves are mostly green with deep red margins.

Alocasia Micholitziana Striking arrow shaped leaves displaying thick white veins and a green velvety surface. Young leaves sprout green with yellow streaks and turn to shades of red yellow and orange as they develop. Croton Codiaeum variegatum Dreadlocks.

10032021 Aglaonema Siam Aurora. Plectranthus ciliatus candlestick plant blue spur flower develops a purple underside in strong light. Noted for its large leathery dark green or variegated red green and white leaves Ficus elastica is also known as Rubber Fg Rubber Bush Rubber Plant Indian Rubber Bush and Indian Rubber Tree.

24022021 Poinsettia plants have showy red and green leaves Poinsettia is an excellent indoor plant with large showy red pointed leaves that appear from winter through early spring. The colored leaves on poinsettia houseplants are typically blazing red bracts or modified leaves. The leaf veins are also red on the.

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