46 Popular Christmas Theme Coffee Table Decoration Ideas

Popular Christmas Theme Coffee Table Decoration Ideas 43

Decorating for the holidays has always been a favorite thing of mine and nothing is more fun than designing and creating decorations for your coffee table. The coffee table is the centerpiece of the room and it’s only fitting that you create beautiful Christmas decorations for it.

Go to your fabric store and pick up some red cloth. Then pick up some additional white cloth to make designs to emboss onto the cover. You can create all kinds of different designs to emboss on the cover. You can make reindeer, Santa, snowflakes, elves, presents, Christmas trees, or a combination of them all.

If you don’t like to emboss or you don’t have the time you can always purchase a Christmas themed table cloth from your local shopping center. Once you have the embossing done then you can finish off the ends of your cover with a sewing machine. Once you have your cover done you’re going to need a centerpiece. I usually go with a candle but you can use Christmas themed statues or figurines if you’d like. Sometimes the Nativity Scene works well.

If you want to use the candle-like I do then you’ll need to buy a nice scented jar candle and a Styrofoam ring for your local craft store. Use some cotton balls or some loose cotton and put those on the Styrofoam to simulate snow. Then put the candle in the middle of the foam ring and you’re centerpiece is done.

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