31 Stunning Garden Studio Design Ideas That You Definitely Like

Stunning Garden Studio Design Ideas That You Definitely Like 26

A garden studio is a respectable investment in any property. In today’s competitive air of lifestyle perfection, how can one create the perfect design for one’s own garden.

Tailor made garden rooms can be achieved by sourcing an experienced architect or specialist garden room designer. Depending on your property and preferences, your design will be worked up accordingly.

How to make garden rooms into grand designs. Take an objective view of your home, inside and outside. You have an initial choice here: do you want the outside of your garden studio to reflect something of the outside of your home or would you be comfortable for it to contrast? Such a reflection may simply be to use a similar door/window frame or render the outside of the studio to match your home. Consider the styles and designs in architecture which most appeal to you. This studio could be a tiny aspirational bauhaus suite or a modernist cube. It can be built to represent Victorian or Georgian styles for formal fantasy. With experienced designers you also have a freehand should you wish to create something truly unique.

Joinery choices. Our seasonal temperature swings and increasing environmental awareness in construction have lent companies towards aluminium as the material of choice of door and window frames. Such joinery can be thermally broken, rendering it more stable and powder coated for a perfect, long-lasting, bonded finish. With RAL colour matching, studio frames can be any colour in the spectrum. Cladding choices. In terms of lasting design, western red cedar is most popular for its ambient silvering effect and maintenance free quality. Larch or scots pine timber cladding can also look good, especially when well spaced and darkened with a preservative. This treatment will require reapplication. Rendering the building is a further option for clients wanting their garden room to blend in with their rendered house.

Grand design type construction concerns a well made SIPS panel with insulation filling. Many back-yard made SIPS panels with polystyrene are used to make garden rooms and clearly the price increases with the best, professionally pressed polyurethane SIPS panels. The British Board of Agreement certify some SIPS panels after passing their rigorous tests for strength, stiffness, fire resistance, thermal performance, air permeability, sound insulation, weather-tightness and durability. A little bit of thought for landscaping pays off with your garden room sitting comfortably in position with its deck, path or steps. Careful planting choices make a huge impact with trees casting shadows and low level planting leading the eye away. Hard landscaping in terraces can create layers outdoor spaces while rolling lawn enhances a sense of open space. All round good design is a considered process. Creating a balanced garden studio setting takes into account the existing site, landscaping options, style of garden room and finish of the building. The best grand designs use clever modern technology to produce sustainable buildings which enhance their environment.

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