33 Lovely Swimming Pool Garden Ideas To Get Natural Accent

Lovely Swimming Pool Garden Ideas To Get Natural Accent 32

Having a pool in your backyard can be a great recreational avenue for the whole family. Match a beautiful garden to a good swimming pool design and you got yourself a great place to host formal as well as family parties.

Since you require no permits to build a swimming pool in your backyard, you can employ any good contractor to build one for you.

A good swimming pool design requires a lot of planning. First, you have to settle on the shape of the pool area. It does not have to be a mundane rectangular shape. You can try out ellipse, circular of free curve styles of swimming pool designs by simply using a long enough piece of rope or garden pipe. Once you have settled on the shape, the next step is the size and distance of the pool. Depending on the maximum number of people you will entertain in the pool and the area that you will require for the garden, you will have to choose the dimensions. The distance of the swimming pool design from your house also matters from the aesthetics point of view. The last step in planning for a pool involves what accessories you will be putting around the pool area. These accessories will require space and so must be integrated into the overall pool and garden design. With all these plans ready you are can now start building your pool.

One secret to having a hassle free garden design Melbourne is to use whatever elements you already have in your backyard to enhance the appeal of the pool area. This can include trees, shrubs and even rock formations. If flowers are natural to your neck of woods, then use this natural element to surround the pool area, if vines are the natural part of your backyard then grow them over the fences and walkway to your pool. Trees are another great beautifier. Remember to plant only those trees that go well with your swimming pool design. This includes trees that do not shed leaves such as Coast Banksia, Yellow Gum and Black She-Oak. Another great garden design Melbourne is to use rocks to decorate the pool surroundings. Large and medium size boulders when used to make rock steps leading up to the pool or by themselves can serve as a unit of the beauty of the garden.

To get a good knowledge of the plants that will survive in the unpredictable climate of Melbourne, you can pay a visit to The Royal Botanic Gardens or to any of the other local community gardens and parks. The trees and shrubs that you find there will definitely live longer than any other type of species in your backyard, as they are indigenous to the city. If you do not want to personally build a garden into your swimming pool design, then you can approach a garden design Melbourne based contractor or landscaper. These people are well versed in the aspects of beautifying a swimming pool area with gardens. Although employing a garden design Melbourne contractor is expensive, the different types of landscape they can provide your pool area with is worth every penny you will spend.

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