34 Popular Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

Popular Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas 24

Contemporary lifestyle has been seen with high-tech gadgets, devices, equipments, and contemporary structural designs.

The bathroom naturally has not escaped this phenomenon, be it in the household, commercial establishments, and buildings and offices. Contemporary bathroom design has been in evidence, making way to pieces of bathroom essentials completely inspired with styles and essences presented by the modern times.

If you are planning to have such design, there are a variety of factors that you have to remember. Everything is to be considered because if you trip along the way, everything would be useless. This is the reason why it is important to include the service of a professional designer to ensure everything is taken cared of and put into the right places. It does not only include the kinds of furniture, equipments, essentials and small items, and others that are needed in the bathroom. It involves structural considerations, as together with practical matters to boot.

Get a bath that is placed as the center of the bathroom. Different types of baths that can be used for contemporary designs have been in proliferation. Choices include baths that are made of stone, stone composites, marble, and wood. You can have a bath mounted on blocks or in a cradle. Or have it surrounded with timber or tiles. Either way, it constitutes a modernized feel that will surely increase resale value of your home. Choose a basin that is wide, has shallow design, or why not irregularly shaped one? Insert it into a work surface, or have it wall mounted. Shelves or towel storage units can be added below the basin. For a more contemporary feel, add it with lacquered or dark wood cabinets, chrome taps and edgings, and other accessories.

Bold brassware pieces can be added. Bold, angular, satin or matte finished taps and showerheads are great for creating a contemporary feel. Shiny brassware is not recommended for this purpose as it easily wears out causing it to get marked and dulled over time. Other aspects to be focused on are the walls and furniture. Dark wood, mahogany, and ebony are perfect to contrast with chrome and stainless steel fittings. On the other hand, tiles designed with porcelain and limestone looks are a very popular choice for the contemporary look.

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