35 Stylish Console Table Design Ideas You Must Have

Stylish Console Table Design Ideas You Must Have 12

Many people today are confused when they think of the furniture term console table. In the past, consoles or hall tables were largely used as a decorative table or furniture item placed within a living area to store or display accessories.

Today the console table use in a home decorating project has many more uses, and have in many cases become a focal point for a room.

Here is a home decorating tip: Interior Designers have used console tables in living rooms next to a flat wall to give interest and balance to the room. Topping off the table with a pair of small slender console lamps to provide an easy glow to a space without the glare and coarseness of light that comes from most overhead lighting sources. Hallways and entryways have also became popular locations for hall tables or console tables. First impressions for guest coming into your home is important, and a decorative console table topped with accent pieces of decor, small table lamp, and personal photos can be the added touch that makes people feel welcomed and comfortable. Placing these entryway furniture pieces in your foyer can be a beautiful addition to your home.

When investigating this type of occasional table, be sure to check all your measurements to be sure they fit. Console tables are designed by furniture manufactures to blend well into today’s homes. If you have an older home with a touch smaller square footage footprint than the open designed great rooms that are popular with builders. Consider a smaller table for your home that is scaled appropriately. A good rule of thumb is to go with a console table that measures 30 inches long up to 48 inches long. In remembering this rule, your room should accommodate the new piece of furniture with ease.

Consoles are constructed out of many different materials including natural wood, stained or painted wood, metal, and glass. By far the most popular type is a wood console table with a decorative element like fluted legs, or a small amount of carving along the bottom edge of the rails. Most tables are made with four legs supporting the top, while some make an interesting design statement using two legs on the rear and one centrally located leg in the front. This three legged table is usually small in stance and design, and makes for a gorgeous addition to a more narrow hallway. Always check to see if the manufacture designed in a drawer for storage of car keys and the like. This hall table or console table with drawer make for a great addition. Using a console table or hall tables in your decorating can add much versatility to your home. Aside from all the above mentioned ideas, it has been used in the dining room as a serving table or side board. Placing a console table in a spare bedroom or guest room makes for a nice bedside table or vanity perfect for helping your guest feel welcome. Console tables can be used as a secretary or small desk when there is no room for a fully functioning home office. No matter how it is use, the console table can be a piece of home furniture that is comfortable and versatile in almost any room in the house of office.

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