Amazing Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

Amazing Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas 30

Old world styles are popular. French, English, Tuscan and Spanish homes with stone or stucco walls, tile roofs, iron fixtures, heavy beams, and rustic floors are in demand. A sense of historic connection resonates with buyers today. The Craftsman style, built in the early 1900s, is back. Features of this style, such as cobblestones, deep eaves, tapered columns, and wide trim, favor the handmade look over mass-produced.

Farmhouses and country homes are perfect remodel candidates and prototypes for new homes. Native materials, wood windows, simple floor plans, and warm colors connect with nature and earlier times. The retro look is fashionable. Ranch styles and split levels built in the 1950s are perfect for sleek remodels, and fit with fashionable furniture styles.

There are many examples of this same problem. Imagine a house that is a hard modernist structure with clerestory windows and lots of angles having a country kitchen with flowered wallpaper. Whether your house is a Victorian, a craftsman bungalow, a classic farmhouse, a mid-century modern, adobe, or any other identifiable architectural style, it’s advantageous for resale to match your interior design to the architectural character of the exterior.

Buyers who saw the exterior expected to see something similar inside and they did to a point. The interior included a fancy trim package, two fireplaces with overmantels, and a beautiful dining room with even more fancy trim. The dormers upstairs had window seats with storage underneath. All in all it was in fact a very traditional house with an excellent location and a good market price. Granite, marble, or stone counters are popular. However, granite tops added to the 1980’s cabinets do not go over well. Consider your architectural style before adding features.

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