Inspiring Front Yard Fence Design Ideas

Inspiring Front Yard Fence Design Ideas

Residential yard fencing comes in an often bewildering selection of sizes, materials, and styles, although vinyl is one of the most widely used. Properly installed and maintained, it can not only provide privacy and security but also add value to your property.

The type of fence you choose will also be influenced by what you intend to primarily use it for. If you are putting one up to keep deer or other animals out, you may want to choose to fence designed specifically for that purpose; vinyl will be a better option if you are installing one to provide privacy. And a properly installed wooden fence not only looks great but invokes a rustic and country feel and will almost certainly add value to any property.

In the past many people would use wooden fences. However, these are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Those that want to create privacy may want to consider using living walls such as hedges to create boundaries. If you are not interested in keeping these trimmed then you might want to consider purchasing a stone wall. Or, you could purchase a fence that is made out of bamboo.

There are three wood privacy fence designs that rank among the top. These include the lattice-top, shadowbox, and your basic privacy fence. Cedar, cypress, and pressure-treated pine are the most common types of wood used to construct these fences which usually range from 6 to 8 feet tall. You will sometimes see these privacy fence designs used for fences that are less than 6 feet tall, but they aren’t really considered privacy fences. Any fence less than 6 feet tall is usually there for decoration or to keep in a pet and is not recommended for privacy.

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