Trending Thrifted Home Decor Ideas You Should Copy

Trending Thrifted Home Decor Ideas You Should Copy

Do you love decorating your home? As for many of us, the cost is overwhelming. Well, I have a secret for you. You can buy inexpensive items and dress them up in a way that says “Expensive”. Once you have set a budget try to stick to it as close as you can. You may find an occasional item that may seem to stretch your budget a little, but that’s okay.

A little splurge may excite you and generate more determination to continue searching for those great deals. You can easily and inexpensively improve any aspect of your home for a small amount of money. Don’t just sit around wishing you had the money or the know-how to create a “Home to be proud of”. Every home has a heart and a hope for happiness.

You can find an endless number of high-quality household items that you can use to decorate, organize, or repair your home by shopping at Thrift Stores, Consignment shops, Flea markets, or Garage sales. I personally like to start at garage sales because the price is usually right. Thrift stores, Consignment shops, and Flea markets are of course reasonable but remember the price includes their commission.

Before you go too far, look around your home and see what you may already have that you can utilize or enhance. Do you have a basket of greenery just sitting there? Try wrapping a set of clear miniature lights into it, then add a few small colorful accents, for example, cattails, vines of flowers, berries, or different shades of greenery. If you don’t have any of these accessories put them on your list.

If you really like the large picture you hung behind your couch a few years ago but still aren’t satisfied, try adding candle sconces on the sides. Choose a type that will blend in your room. There again, this is easy to find an item for your shopping list as are the candles you will need. Some times a little greenery or a small candle ring will add even more.

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