20++ Low Light Indoor Tree Plants

These trees produce spiky green leaves that are often tipped in red. Its a great plant for over-enthusiastic beginners who water a little too often.

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24052021 The Sansevieria species are some of the best low-light indoor plants.


Low light indoor tree plants. 12122019 Low Light Indoor Plants Safe for Cats and Dogs. The shiney slightly leathery leaves are very attractive and the plant usually comes with a. Often sold under its botanic name Spathiphyllum peace lily makes a relatively undemanding houseplant.

But its fan-shaped glossy green fronds will still add a tropical feel to any space. 03112018 The Kentia palm is an indoor tree for light low environments and it thrives in soil that is always a little on the dry side. Its leaves look similar to its namesake.

What to consider when choosing an indoor plant. 18052020 Rounding out our list of the best low-light indoor plants is the arrowhead plant also known as the American evergreen. This is a must-have houseplant for most pet lovers.

ZZ Plant Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Perfect for the homeowner who may forget to water their plants periodically the ZZ plant handles both low light exposure and sporadic watering. It prefers to grow in partial shade but can tolerate quite shady conditions as well. This tree is also known as the Madagascar Dragon and is an ideal plant for low light areas.

This houseplant is. Peace lily also has shiny green foliage that looks great even when the plants arent blooming. Parlor Palm also known as Neanthe Bella is one of the best low light indoor plants because it can thrive indoors where other palm plants may struggle.

Low light or indirect light. Offering the appearance of a palm tree the ponytail plant is an ornamental houseplant which is highly drought-tolerant. Both of these trees like dry soil and high humidity so they will need to be misted regularly to keep them well hydrated and thriving.

They are striking in appearance and easy to grow. 11052021 This low-light houseplant sends up pure white flower spaths on tall graceful stems. 22032011 If you like low-maintenance plants consider the Madagascar dragon tree Dracaena marginat.

23042020 Best Indoor Trees for Low Light. It does well in indirect light and also loves moist soil. 29062020 The aptly named staghorn fern is a low-light plant that works both indoors and out.

06102019 The Money Tree is one of the best low light indoor trees. 29042021 The lady palm is a popular palm specimen to grow as an indoor tree thanks to its ability to tolerate low-light conditions. Yes you can grow a lemon tree in low light situations like all plants the more light you get it the better it will do but you can grow a healthy lemon tree with as little as 6 hours daily sunlight.

You can pot it hang it. The Norfork Island pine and Fishtail palm are indoor trees for low light area. Fig Tree Ficus Bonsai 6.

Oxalis triangularis Purple Shamrocks This unique low light flowering indoor plant is sure to be a conversation piece in your home or office. This indoor palm tree works like Snake plants as the Neanthe Bella is included in NASAs list of plants that clean air. It also has a slow growth rate meaning it wont take up much space in a room.

Long palm-like leaves sprout out in abundance around a center stalk and they can grow quite tall even indoors. Can you grow tall indoor trees in low light. 29012021 Red peacock plants are native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and New Guinea and have brightly contrasting glossy red and green leaves.

Plants grow on average to just over two feet in height with thick glossy green foliage. When grown in low light the leaf tips may remain green rather than turning red but the plant will do just fine. You will often find this tree growing in offices homes and commercial settings because it does not require or need direct sunlight.

They eventually brown. What are low light plants. The snake plant also called mother-in-laws tongue is a very long-lived plant that can thrive for decades.

It grows slowly and doesnt need much care. Also called a false shamrock or purple shamrock it grows in three-leaf clusters of deep purple and shoots up delicate pink-purple blooms.

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